‘Reduce' clothes bobbling in the washing machine with simple free hack - ‘works a treat'

Over time, clothes can start to bobble which can make garments look old and unattractive. Bobbling can happen to cheaper garments and can appear after clothes have been washed in the machine.

Celebrities who found love after 40

Who doesn't like a good love story? Especially when it involves celebrities! But with such high divorce rates and temptations around the corner, Hollywood can be a tough place when it comes to finding the right person. Throughout the years we've seen it all, including some of the shortest celebrity marriages of all time. Lovers come and go, and the years go by. All of sudden, you find yourself approaching middle age and you're still single. While there is nothing wrong with that, some of us would like to settle down at some point. In this gallery, you'll find a list of celebrities who did just that, after age 40. Some even got married in their sixties, so there is still hope! Click through and discover which celebrities found love after 40.

'Camilla got so much abuse that pals had to go to supermarket for her,' says royal expert

Royal expert Angela Levin has revealed the true extent of shocking abuse that Camilla faced at the hands of the public just after her romance with King Charles was unveiled

21 weird things that only Canadians can understand

What’s in store for today? Your horoscope for January 27, 2023

This is what the stars have in store for you today.

Princess Kate follows Queen and Philip's golden rule on public engagements

The Duke of Edinburgh revealed a key way the late Queen dealt with life in front of the cameras, and the Princess of Wales follows the same practice every time she's seen in public.

Ivanka Trump: how much is she worth? Her story of glamour and money

Professional FAQs: Which type of rice is healthier, white or brown?

This cat's face would confuse even his own mother

This cat's face would confuse even his own mother

This tiny one-bedroom cottage for sale is perfect for cosy living

Take a peek inside...

The sad reality of obsessive love disorder

We all know that love can be overwhelming and sweep us off our feet and out of our minds. It’s not unusual to get lost in the whirlwind sometimes, but this is usually temporary, and as we mature and gain experience we learn to recognize that “new relationship energy” and keep our heads on straight. Someone who is struggling with obsessive love disorder (OLD), on the other hand, won’t find this so easy. With OLD, love becomes an all-consuming fixation. Rather than a desire to see the other person thrive, it often comes with the desire to protect and even control them. A lot of the time, the person with OLD suffers more than anyone else, as they are bowled over by these overwhelming feelings and struggle to function. However, it can also become dangerous for the object of the desire if their behavior escalates to psychological or physical abuse, or even stalking. Click through this gallery to learn more about the sad reality of obsessive love disorder.

Queen Camilla set to drop 'consort' from her official title before King's Coronation

Buckingham Palace officials hope to remove the extra word before King Charles III's Coronation at Westminster Abbey in May this year.

Royal Family's strategy to clamp down on Prince Harry and Meghan's allegations laid bare

The Royal Family has yet to publicly respond to claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made in about the institution in recent months.

London's 10 most expensive postcodes to buy a house in have been named - and they are all in the same borough

The 10 most expensive postcodes in the capital are all located in the same borough

Three simple and delicious plant-based Indian recipes

Three simple and delicious plant-based Indian recipes - Katie Wright tries three fresh, spice-packed and family-friendly modern Indian meals from Nisha Katona’s latest cookbook, ‘Meat Free Mowgli’

‘Ideal temperature' for living rooms - many ‘fall below optimum' heat level in winter

With the ongoing freezing weather, experts are warning Britons that they need to heat their homes to a certain temperature. According to the pros, 16C or lower is "too cold".

Everyday things that will likely disappear in the next 20 years (and you haven't noticed)

The world is changing at an exponential rate, so much so that the gap between generations' experience of the world is growing wider and wider. There are already so many things millennials will never understand about pre-internet life, but millennials are about to feel the same way as things thought to be mainstays of today will be forgotten by tomorrow. And that's not even mentioning the impact the pandemic had on how we live our lives and the degrees to which we welcome technology into them. Intrigued? Click through to see the everyday things that will likely disappear in the next 20 years, much of which is vanishing right now before our very eyes.

Baby-faced groomer, 21, dressed as schoolgirl to get victim's mum to let him stay over

The man has been jailed after setting up fake profiles on social media to groom children.

Pictured: Delivery men leave £2,000 sofa wedged halfway up 'destroyed' stairway

A homeowner has complained his staircase and walls have been “destroyed” after delivery men left a sofa jammed on the stairs. Luke Ansell ordered the sofa, costing more than £2,000, from online retailer after moving into a new home in Bournemouth. However, the delivery men managed to wedge the furniture in the staircase and th...

Woman calls out ‘nasty’ comments about her after male client accidentally shares screen on Zoom call

Woman calls out ‘nasty’ comments about her after male client accidentally shares screen on Zoom call - ‘It’s rough being a woman in a male dominated field,’ she captioned the viral video

Prince George's 'dream job' is very unexpected - but Prince William was the same

Prince George apparently had his heart set on a very different future career

Harry and Meghan's own biographer warns public already suffering with 'Sussex fatigue'

Omid Scobie, who co-wrote a biography of the Sussexes, has sent a huge warning to the couple following a backlash towards their recent claims against the Royal Family.

Britain’s greatest barn-find haul?

King to take 'moral high ground' at the Coronation and give invites to Sussexes and Andrew

The King is tipped to take a dignified approach to the "thorny question" of a key event during his coronation.

King Charles told he must make changes as expert warns Royal Family is 'falling behind'

Omid Scobie has said the Royal Family can be relevant or end up slowly fading into insignificance.

Colorado baker loses appeal over transgender birthday cake

Colorado baker loses appeal over transgender birthday cake - The Colorado baker who won a partial U.S. Supreme Court victory after refusing to make a gay couple’s wedding cake because of his Christian faith has lost an appeal in his latest legal fight

Who are the ancestors of Meghan Markle?

Surprising: Prince Andrew Lives HERE After The Scandal

Prince Andrew is a prominent British royal. But after his high-profile scandal, does he still live at a fancy royal palace? This is where the controversial royal lives today.

Why people see ghosts, explained

Do you believe in ghosts? If so, have you ever seen one? If you answered "yes" to both questions, you are not alone. In fact, a number of surveys found that the majority of people who took part believe in ghosts, with a high percentage claiming that they have seen them. The belief in the supernatural is an old one. For millennia, humankind has used it as a source of meaning, and continues to do so to this day. But while many people claim to have had paranormal experiences, science also has a word to say about this. Click through the gallery to find out why people see ghosts, according to science.

McDonald's customer left sick and disgusted after eating this popular item

McDonald's customer left sick and disgusted after eating this popular item

Dog Snuggles With Sleeping Owner on Couch

This man was trying to take a nap after a night of work but as he lay on the couch, he was met with a dog excited to see him. Franklin, the dog was so excited to meet his owner that he lay on top of him and decided to snuggle into him.

King Charles 'will not host peace summit' with Harry and Meghan ahead of Coronation

Reports of possible peace talks between Prince Harry and the rest of his family emerged earlier this month.

Savoy cabbage rolls with a spicy dip recipe

I first ate these at a restaurant whose name I’ve long forgotten, but the dish stayed with me. When I had my own restaurant, Romy’s Kitchen, I would cook cabbage rolls for the staff and they loved it, so I started making them at home. There are a lot of Indochinese people in India who eat dumplings and momos, often with a dip starring spring onions...

Celebrities who died on the same day

Sharing the same career is one thing, but when celebrities die on exactly the same day in exactly the same year, that's just plain spooky. And yet throughout history, there are many examples of famous people passing away within hours of each other. It's as startling as it is sad, but it happens. Click through and pay your respects to the celebrities who died on the same day.

The Queen's incredible intervention for Prince Louis to make sure he was given a specific honour

The Queen stepped in and changed the rules for her great-grandchildren

Kate rolls up her sleeves as she helps out at food bank – but William can't resist teasing her

Prince William playfully teased wife Kate Middleton as they got stuck into helping out at a Windsor food bank - saying the Princess of Wales was 'nattering too much'

'I need to look like this!' 52-year-old woman looks 20 after she refuses to dress her age

Women over 50 can easily achieve a "younger look" by updating their wardrobe.

Unwelcome review: Straw Dogs meets Gremlins meets A Place In The Sun in Irish folk horror

Straw Dogs meets Gremlins meets A Place In The Sun in a muddled Irish folk horror from director Jon Wright.

Megan Markle stays out of spotlight following Prince Harry's book release and backlash

Meghan Markle has kept herself out of the spotlight following the release of her husband's book ‘Spare' which has brought the couple further backlash from the public and the press.

Celebrities who secretly live as farmers

You may think that every famous person lives in a big glamorous mansion in a fancy town, but that is actually not the case for everyone. Some celebs not only live far away from Hollywood, but they prefer to live in a place where they can get their hands dirty! Take a look at some of the surprising celebrities who live on farms.

Some called them ugly, but these divas triumphed anyway

Teen stabbed with scissors at school by pupil ‘teasing her hair colour'

Daisy Andrew, 13, was attacked with scissors by a pupil at her school in Tenterden, Kent.

Butternut squash: Expert opinions, healthy portions, and downsides

David and Victoria Beckham have installed an outside toilet at their £6m estate

David and Victoria Beckham have reportedly had an outside toilet installed at their £6 million country estate to save garden party guests getting tired from walking back to their mansion to use the facilities.

‘I’ve never seen anything like it’: Florida teachers strip classroom shelves of books in response to DeSantis ban

‘I’ve never seen anything like it’: Florida teachers strip classroom shelves of books in response to DeSantis ban - As Florida celebrates Literacy Week, one teacher tells Richard Hall how she was ordered to remove all non-sanctioned books from her shelves to abide by a law introduced by Governor Ron DeSantis.

London commuter town slated as 'so posh parents love to show off how rich they are on the school run'

Locals disagree that their town is 'snooty' and instead point the finger at their neighbours

Former Miss England regrets ‘misguided' campaign to ban swimwear at beauty pageants

Katrina Hodge was dubbed ‘Combat Barbie' when she became Miss England in 2009.

Foods that never (or almost never) expire

When stocking up on groceries, whether it’s for an emergency stash or merely because they’re on sale, it’s important to note what ingredients are going to give more bang for their buck. While fresh foods have a shelf life of mere days, there are others that can stick around for years—or will never expire at all! The foods and drinks in this gallery are sure to be around when you need them. Save yourself some money and click through to find out the foods that will last the longest!

Prince Andrew 'loses home at Buckingham Palace as office closed and staff moved'

Prince Andrew's apartment and offices at Buckingham Palace are said to have closed

The pretty village 2 hours away from London with a beautiful pub where BBC Radio 2's Zoe Ball says she ate the best roast dinner she's ever had

Finding a good roast with beautiful views? There's a beautiful village that combines both